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Teamwork Associates

Jamaica's leading Christian Centre with three established ministries that serve to fulfill God's mission and Menzie's vision.

Who we are

Teamwork Associates was established in 1973 as a voluntary,  nonprofit organization with aims that are primarily spiritual in nature.

Our long- term objective is to establish Christian Centres which serve to model the type of Christian ministry that encourages reconciliation, provides bases for evangelical outreach and ongoing support of spiritually and socially enriching endeavours.

Situated on 15 acres, our Christian Centre consists of a church, hospitality & retreat facility and an academy with an early childhood centre and special education secondary school.

Teamwork Associates' Facilities


The missions of Teamwork Church are evangelism, building relationships and mobilizing teams. In addition to these objectives, our church emphasizes ministry to children and youth that they may be rooted and built up in Christ.

Christian Academy

The mandate of Teamwork Christian Academy is to provide holistic education and training from the early childhood to secondary level. Our daycare and kindergarten are committed to nurturing children from the age of 6 months to 5 years. The current focus of our secondary school is to provide needed special education intervention. Skills training to maximize the potential of our children and young adults is also paramount.

Hospitality & Retreat Centre

The refreshing atmosphere of our Hospitality & Retreat Centre which overlooks Montego Bay's elegant corridors, provides an excellent environment for reconciliation and relaxation, with facilities for camps, retreats, conferences and special events. Our accommodation and catering offerings seek to serve the needs of small or large Christian organizations, community associations and corporate groups.

Our Mission
To maintain and develop a model Christian Centre in Jamaica; that provides facilities through the church, school, hospitality and retreat centre, for the building of relationships between God and people, as well as interpersonally; and where children and youth in particular receive holistic education and training to reach their full potential and become mature Christians and well rounded, responsible citizens.
Our Vision
Teamwork Christian Centre is dedicated to the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the promotion of education and training in Jamaica.