Welcome to Team Work Associates

Facilities that serve to fulfill God’s vision
and Menzie’s mission

Our Facilities

Teamwork Church

The evangelical center is only a short downhill walk from the retreat center and Teamwork School. Centered on building relationships with God, the Teamwork church uses talents and training in theology and music to bring glory to God with an emphasis.

Teamwork Christian Academy

Founded in 1975 Teamwork School has provided quality education at the nursery, kindergarten, preparatory and high school levels, but now the focus is on special education for secondary age students.

Teamwork Retreat Centre and Camp Site

Team Work Associates was incorporated in 1973 and operates a retreat centre which features 22 bedrooms, a conference room and dining room. Some rooms feature a balcony view of the Rose Hall area of Montego Bay

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement: Teamwork Christian Centre is dedicated to the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the promotion of education and training in Jamaica.

Mission statement:  To maintain and develop a model Christian Centre in Jamaica; that provides facilities through the church, school, hospitality and retreat centre, for the building of relationships between God and people, as well as interpersonally; and where children and youth in particular receive holistic education and training to reach their full potential and become mature Christians and well rounded, responsible citizens.

What is Team Work Associates?

Team Work Associates was established in 1973 as a voluntary, non-profit organization with a mandate to establish centres in Jamaica for reconciliation between God and people. The work is carried out by teams of people from different backgrounds and situations with children and youth as the main focus. Homes for children and senior citizens, as well as missionary endeavors in the sending out and receiving of mission teams, form part of the vision for Team Work.
picture of the directors

There is much emphasis on prayer, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the principles of the Word of God with the church at each Centre responsible for spiritual covering, leadership and the provision of workers.