Teamwork School successfully defended the title as High School Athletic Champions at the JISA-CPJ Invitational Friendship

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Teamwork School participated in and successfully defended their title as high school champions at the 2nd staging of the Jamaica Independent Schools Association/Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (JISA-CPJ) Western Invitational Friendship Meet.  The staging of the meet was more than a display of talents and abilities but one used to impart values and principles such as dedication, determination, discipline and teamwork.  Teamwork School excellently displayed both.  This one day event saw us participating in all events from the preparatory level to the high school level.  With over 700 athletes from 25 schools, including three private high schools Teamwork School dominated the long jump, the female under 16 and under 19 events as well as the female 4 x100m and 4 x 200m relays and the male 4 x 200m.  Our prep school students eagerly participated and Jade-Ann Pounall dominated the Female Class 3 events with the fastest time in the 50m.  Special commendations to all our athletes and the teachers who worked with them.



Prep School:
Danielle Blackwood,
Ashley Atkins,
Alleyanchor Henry,
Ariana Blackwood,
Jade-Ann Pounall,
Alexandria Pounall,
Suewayne Sommerville,
Niche Jones,
Ashuni Lawrence,
Kahlil Jones,
Baffour Nuako,
Shawn Cross,
Jakes Smith,
Jeffery Parchment
Prep Open:
Brittania Stoddart,
Tariq Simons,
Aljermaine Robertson,
Javone Hillock
High School:
Rusheda Blake,
Shanagay Parkinson,
Chance Mootoo,
Sheree Blake,
Sakura Gordon,
Jordan Humber,
Herbert Rickman,
Jermaine Welds,
Toni-Ann Wright,
Sydian Jarrett,
Margret Aldridge,
Trey Robinson,
Nana-Yaw Nuako,
Lewis, Shemar
Donova McKenzie,
Romario Adams,
Paul Saunders,
Jamion Dawkins,
Travis Brown


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