2012 Inter House Competition

Our inter-house competitions took place over the course of a week, except the culinary competition. The culinary competition was held on November 27, 2012 under the theme ‘Caribbean Infusion’. Each house was assigned a Caribbean country and they were asked to prepare a 3 course meal representative of a particular country, giving them the opportunity to learn about the foods of other nationalities.

Sevier (blue house) was the victor as they not only presented delicious dishes from Montserrat but did a wonderful display. Kerr-Jarrett (red) who represented Haiti was placed 2nd. Oban (green house) was third with their Antinguan dishes.

During that time a number of competitions took place between the students. Here are the final results of the 2012 Teamwork School Inter House Competitions:


Competition 1st PLACE 2nd PLACE 3rd PLACE
Culinary Sevier Kerr-Jarrett Oban
Football Oban Kerr-Jarrett Sevier
Spelling Sevier Kerr-Jarrett Oban
Quiz Sevier Kerr-Jarrett Oban
FIFA Sevier Kerr-Jarrett Oban
Domino Kerr-Jarrett Sevier Oban
Cross Country Kerr-Jarrett Sevier Oban
Eistedfod Kerr-Jarrett Sevier Oban
Bun Eating Kerr-Jarrett Sevier Oban
Soda Drinking Kerr-Jarrett Sevier Oban
Tug o’ war Oban Sevier Kerr-Jarrett

Congrats to the winner Kerr-Jarrett House, but in fairness all the students did well, so congrats to you all! The other inter-house activities took place from Tuesday, March 19 and culminated with Sports Day on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

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