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There has been much excitement about the partnership between Smart Horizons Career Online Education in the US and Teamwork Christian Academy as their first international affiliate. Most of our young people in particular who need the opportunity to continue in education to gain a high school diploma as well as career certification are not able…



The outreach of Teamwork Christian Academy and impact on the nation would be greatly enhanced by the enrolment of additional students. Many of those who would take advantage of the opportunities offered at Teamwork are not able to pay fees. There is therefore need for more sponsors to assist in the fulfillment of our special…



The 15- seat Ford  Bus and Pick-up Truck are now 10 years old, and could serve for much longer, but need repairs which pose a considerable challenge. The bus now being used by the school to transport students to and from school is not adequate for the need. The church also needs additional transportation for…



In order to fulfil the mission and mandate for Teamwork Associates, there are a number of projects for which we need your donations, practical input and expertise. If you are interested in making an input in any of the projects listed below please make contact for further details.

JISA-CPJ Invitational Meet 2013


The Jamaica Independent Schools Association (JISA) will be hosting its first ever ahletics meet for prep schools and we will be there! Come out and support us on June 13, 2013 at the Catherine Hall Stadium. It’s a special event as the last meet for Prep Schools in the West was conducted fifteen years ago…

2012 Inter House Competition


Our inter-house competitions took place over the course of a week, except the culinary competition. The culinary competition was held on November 27, 2012 under the theme ‘Caribbean Infusion’. Each house was assigned a Caribbean country and they were asked to prepare a 3 course meal representative of a particular country, giving them the opportunity…

Inspired By Classical Music


Our kindergarten, prep and grade 7 students got quite a treat when we got a visit by Mr. Sam West, the violinist from London, of Jamaican parentage. Sam West is well known and respected within the UK music scene – especially for his work as a vocal trainer to contemporary singers. His vocal work is varied and involves coaching. Sam’s formal training began with violin lessons, in 1974 at the age of 12. He progressed quickly, culminating in a valuable period of full time study at The Royal College of Music, London. At the same time, Sam could often be found playing the piano and organ in churches, and directing church choirs. His ‘classical’ training, and gospel background, has allowed him to view music broadly, and work with a wide range of artists of various styles.


Our 2012 Outameni Experience


As part of our academic program, our 7th and 8th grade social students along with grade 12 Caribbean studies students, recently took a field trip to the Outameni Experience, a local attraction documenting the culture, history and traditions of Jamaica. About twenty of the students from Teamwork school participated with three teachers and were taken on a two hour tour highlighting the different cultural groups that came to Jamaica and helped to formed the culture we now know as our own.


Western Jamaica Teaching Conference

Western Jamaica Christian Teaching Conference, hosted by Teamwork Associates, recently concluded the 25th anniversary celebrations under the theme: “The Holy Spirit Breakthrough Increase”. The annual conference began as usual on Ash Wednesday March 9 and culminated with the Youth Talent-A-Rama on Saturday, March 12 and then Sunday Service at Teamwork Church. Guest speakers were: Adult…