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Teamwork School successfully defended the title as High School Athletic Champions at the JISA-CPJ Invitational Friendship


On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Teamwork School participated in and successfully defended their title as high school champions at the 2nd staging of the Jamaica Independent Schools Association/Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (JISA-CPJ) Western Invitational Friendship Meet.  The staging of the meet was more than a display of talents and abilities but one used to impart values…



For some years now the school and PTA have been working on development of a designated area for a playfield and sports complex. The sports programme is being severely hampered by the lack of this facility which is intended to serve other schools, the church and the community. The next phase of work is the…



Institutions to cater to the needs of special needs students in Western Jamaica are very limited and Teamwork Christian Academy is pleased to be able to serve our country by providing for some of these special children. The process of evaluation by a clinical psychologist has not been completed as some parents cannot afford the fees….